Comprehensive Diagram of Thesis Proposal [Nationwide Scale]


This diagram seeks to compile all my ideas into one comprehensive diagram to help facilitate the understanding of what my proposal is about. This first diagram focuses on the nationwide scale of the system that is being established within the existing structure of their society today.

Nationwide Scale

Within the nation itself, this diagram breaks down the decentralized system that will occur within the country. The proposal highlights all of the major cities that are in both North Korea and South Korea. Pyongyang is the capital city of North Korea, and will serve as the hub for travel for both transportation and economic routes. Seoul will provide resources to all significant facilities from their own central location, while Daegu is in charge of the creation of the electrical grid that will start from within the Panmunjom area.

For Panmunjom itself, it will be designated as the starting ground for the incubation phase for the educational facility, where the first few hundred will be learning about the post-modern society, similar to the framework for the facility in Hanawon, where they conduct a 3 month screening process for North Korean defectors, where they learn about the correct version of history, while learning about the essentials for today’s society.

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