[11/07] Checkpoint Review 2

reverse outline banner.png

Just yesterday, I had my checkpoint review, where I give a presentation of my process to significant people that I have contacted, my thesis coordinator, and my thesis advisors. Overall, the review was very productive, and there were many suggestions on how to move forward in the final months of the semester.

Overall Comments Moving Forward

Criticisms include missing the mark regarding the method or medium that I decided to present to everyone today. My research should display or expand upon the sensibilities of everyday life between North and South Korea, and how I can begin to expand upon them. It felt like just a presentation of facts without going into the “why”. More historical context is needed where I’m able to explain the events leading up to their divide in a nutshell. We’ve discussed the possibility of this proposal taking on the route of an OMA project, where it is purely about the research, leaving out the architectural aspect of the project.

Review Boards








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