F18 Thesis Syllabus

Crow’s Eye View – Jihoi Lee

Between Defector and Migrant: Identities and Strategies of North Koreans in South Korea

Toward an Anthropology of Landmines: Rogue Infrastructure and Military Waste in the Korean DMZ

Reconciling Nations and Citizenship: Meaning,Creativity, and the Performance of a North Korean Troupe in South Korea

North Korean Diaspora: North Korean Defectors Abroad and in South Korea

The Kaesong North-South Korean Industrial Complex

Measuring the Externality Effects of Commercial Land Use on Residential Land Value: A Case Study of Seoul

Agonistic Pluralism

Gendered Modernity and Ethnicized Citizenship: North Korean Settlers in Contemporary South Korea

The “Real Enemy” of the Nation: Exhibiting North Korea at the Demilitarized Zone

Manufacturing Kinship in a Nation Divided: An Ethnographic Study of North Korean Refugees in South Korea

Biological living standards in North Korea as reflected in famine to post-famine trends in birthweight, 1998-2009